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Sustainability Profile

To’ak works hand-in-hand with a small group of cacao growers in Piedra de Plata and pays them the highest price per pound in all of Ecuador. All wood used in To'ak's packaging is directly replenished through the planting of native hardwood trees by the entire To’ak team in partnership with the Ecuador-based rainforest conservation foundation Third Millennium Alliance (TMA). To’ak also donates 1% of its sales to TMA as part of the global philanthropy movement 1% for the Planet. To’ak is working with local farmers, conservationists, and multiple universities to protect the world's oldest and rarest variety of cacao and nurse it back from the brink of extinction.


Sustainability Profile

Xoca takes discarded Ecuadorian cacao fruit from sister company @toakchocolate and creates a delicious fruit soda loaded with nutrients and prebiotics good for your gut health and immune system! They’re currently sold in select Midwest grocery retailers, Amazon, and their website!


Sustainability Profile

North Sea Salt Works uses only 100% renewable energy in our sea salt production and in our facilities. We believe strongly in protecting our environment and we are committed to adhering to sustainable production practices.


Coming in Fall 2020.  Podcasts with sustainability champions.

Coming in Fall 2020.  Movie script centered around renewable energy and sustainability.

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